Other Services

1. Checking of Zoning and land use in Selangor

Checking of zoning and land use in Selangor. I-Quick is equipped with all zoning plans from all Local Authorities in Selangor. Before investing in land for industrial use, you are advised to check and confirm the status of zoning the land you are investing from either Local Authorities or alternatively at our office. This service is free.
2. Consultant for foreign companies.

I-Quick has been appointed by two reputed China Government owned companies to procure projects both locally in Malaysia and in country like Outer Mongolia.



     1. 查询雪兰莪州的土地规划用途地带。


本公司一般将给予一些土地投资意见给我们最尊敬的客户, 您在投资工业用途的土地之前,最好要查询一下您将要投资的土地的用途地带的规划在当地政府是什么规划用途。本公司将免费提供这一系列的咨询/查询服务。

      2. 外国公司的投资咨询顾问服务。

       本公司被中国两间政府旗下的大型企业认可而为他们的代言在海内外连接工程。 马来西亚及外蒙古等等.