China Consultant

I-Quick has lately gone into expansion in the areas of designing and managing the construction of new factories. After 8 years of legalizing factories,I-Quick has gained the necessary experience and expertise to undertake new factories of any scale.

To enhance our efficiency and capacity, we have signed a contract with Beijing Zheng Dong Projects Design & Build Consultant,Tianjin Branch.(BZD) The latter role has been in assisting in design and preparation of drawings.This complements our existing consultant and draughting teams in producing more alternative designs,faster delivery time and also resulting in more competitive prices.

China is now known as the world factory. They are producing quality products at competitive prices in big way. The design and construction of the factories is reported to also contribute partly to the winning formula and hence is an example for us to learn and experience. Their aggressive production method, technical skill and knowledge is something we are tapping into. Hence, we have lately cooperated and worked with BZD and had completed some projects successfully much to our client's delight.



为了能更 好更快更准确地完成整个项目工程,我们已经与中国北京正东工程设计工程公司天津分公司签下了友好的合作意向合同。同时,通过我们双方的互动以及积极的配合 下,我们已经成功地完成了多个工程项目。他们会在最短的时间里完成整个工程项目的图纸设计制作工作,提供给我们最时尚的工厂设计概念,最优惠的设计费用来 帮助我们快速的完成整个工程项目的审批工作。





Consultant Info
Name : Zheng Feng (赵锋)
Qualification : University of Science and Technology of China (中国科学技术学院)
Position : Senior Engineer (高级工程师)
Name : Man Yong Xin (满永鑫)
Qualification : Liaoning University of Technology (辽宁工业大学)
Position : Engineer (工程师)
Name : Liu Qi (刘琦)
Qualification : The City College of Jilin Jianzhu University (吉林建筑工程学院城建学院)
Position : Engineer (工程师)
Name : Zhen Cheng Jun (甄成军)
Qualification : Dalian Art College (大连艺术学院)
Position : Engineer (工程师)

IQC signing contract with Bei Jing Zheng Dong Projects Design & Build Consultant Tian Jin Branch in China (Our China Counterpart ) Contract Signing Ceremony.