Authorities Liaison

Authorities Liaison

In the course of liaison with Authorities to obtain approval for land matters, planning, building plan approval & CF/CCC, I-Quick has the experience to liaise with the same Authorities to assist clients to do the following related services.

  • checking of zoning of plans before purchase of lands or embark on their plans on the land

  • to obtain consent of transfer for clients who have purchase/sold their lands

  • to apply and obtain approval on licenses and permits

  • search on land titles and application for final titles

  • appeal in regards to land matters, planning and building plan approval with relevant Authorities.

I-Quick has experienced technical staff and has many years of good relationship with all related Authorities and so far had good track records with them.


本公司会根据客户的要求与当地政府协商以及负责帮助客户申请。关于土地转换于延长, 厂房规划,建筑物批准,以及入伙纸的申请批准等。 爱捷顾问公司 有着多年的经验与政府互动的友好关系。我们会协助您成功的达到您的申请目标。我们的服务包括以下:

-          查询土地用途以确保您的土地发展规划。

-          土地买卖与咨询顾问以及割名服务。

-          帮助申请商业准证及牌照。

-          申请准地契及土地查册。

-         与当地政府提出申请及上诉任何有关于土地问题,土地规划,建筑物的申请纸的申请。