The Company

I-Quick Group of companies (I-QUICK) is a consultancy and project management service provider for land and industrial building that holds fast to our commitment to efficiency, reliability and professionalism. The company is managed by professionals who provide a range of services such as town planning, building, structural and M&E designs. I-Quick other strength is its experience in liaison and obtaining quick approvals from Authorities for projects undertaken. I-Quick specializes in legalizing of factories.

I-Quick draws on the knowledge and experience of more than 30 years of the principal’s experience, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas, insights, solutions and deep industry knowledge.

In legalization of factories, I-Quick provides the following core services to clients, including:
  1. Land matters :
    • - Land conversion
    • - Extension of lease
    • - Amalgamation and Subdivision
  2. Plans approval
    • - Planning and Building plans approval
  3. Certificate of Completion & Compliance (C C C)
    • - to obtain certificate of completion & compliance
  4. Liaison with Authorities
    • - close following up with Authorities to obtain approval for the above.

爱捷顾问有限公司。是一间工程管理公司专门为土地事宜及工业厂房建筑设计规划及入伙纸的申请等一系列配套专业服务公司。我们供公司配有完整的各专业专业技术人员及工程师例如:土地测量师,规划师,建筑设计工程师,结构及水暖电工程师,绿化工程师等。 爱捷本着多年与政府良好的合作关系,能更好的为您的工程快速准确及准时的完成您的成功。

爱捷的管理层有着30多年的土地事宜,工厂建筑设计规划的丰富经验。 我们有时尚的的设计概念即对整个市深层的了解及敏锐的洞悉能力。