Land Matters

Land Matters - Land conversion, extension of lease, final title, amalgamation, subdivision and other services in regards to lands in Selangor.

Lands in Malaysia is administered by National Land Code. Whilst the charges fee and other levies will be determined by the respective State Government. In Selangor we can find it in Selangor  Land Use Rules. 
 Lands are categorized under agricultural, industrial and building use. Under the category of  building it can be further classified for residential or commercial use.

Land restricted for agricultural use hence cannot be used for industrial purposes because it breaches the land use rules. To rectify the problem we have to convert the land use from agricultural to industrial status. The process is generally known as land conversion which can be carried out by complying with the National Land Code.

Land in Malaysia is also divided into freehold and leasehold. Freehold lands are lands that can be held in perpetuity whilst leasehold lands are those with expiry period. Generally leasehold lands have period of expiry for 60 or 99 years. Upon expiry or when it is near expiry, the owner may choose to apply to the State to extend it for a further period of 60 or 99 years. This process is called extension of lease.
Both land conversion and extension of lease attract a premium payment to the State which is calculated basing on the Selangor Land Use Rules.
Lands come in different sizes. Some owners may find it necessary to "cut” his plot of land into more than one lots for purpose like distribution, marketability, dispute with co-owners etc. This process is known as sub-division.
In another scenario the owner may also choose to ‘put’ all smaller plots of land into one single title for purposes like better marketability to enhance land value or to comply with Authorities requirements in application for CF for their building and etc. This process is known as amalgamation.
Again the application to subdivide and amalgamate must comply with the National Land Code and levies involved to follow Selangor land Use Rules.
Some technical requirements need to be complied with for the application of the above. Example are survey, planning reports technical drawings or plans. All these technical requirements/ documents have to be prepared by qualified consultants like surveyors and planners and to be coordinated by experienced company who also liaise with Authorities to obtain the necessary approval.
I-Quick is specially formed to cater for the above service. I-Quick in collaboration with its associate consultant surveyors and planners will ensure all aspects of the application will be carried out successfully within the scheduled time.



马来西亚的土地是根据国家土地法令来管理。 但是它的收费标准会根据当地政府的要求在雪兰莪土地法令中可以找到。土地的分类有农业, 工业和屋业用途。屋业用途下的土地也可以分成住宅和商业用途。限制与农业用途的土地不可以用以工业用途。以上有违反土地法令。因此根据国家土地法令, 需要将以上农业用地转换成工业用地。以上称之为申请土地转换。


马来西亚的土地同时也分为有限地契和永久地契两种。永久地契的业主持有永久权,有限地契的土地有时间限制,分别与60年和99年。当土地的年份将要到期时,业主则要选择将要延长的年份是60年或者99年。以上称之为申请土地延长。关于土地的转换于延长, 当地政府将根据雪兰莪州的土地法令收费标准来计算。


针对不同面积的土地, 有些业主认为值得将以上土地分割为多块以作为更好的投资发展用途。以上称之为土地分割申请。


在另外一种情况之下, 有些业主会选择将一些小块土地联合在一起和拼成一块大的土地一张地契, 以此作为申请入伙纸的用途, 又或者是为了更方便以后的发展与投资计划等。以上称之为申请土地和拼。


部分技术上的需求在以上的申请之中必不可少, 例如: 土地测量, 土地规划报告, 规划图纸的制作, 所有技术上的需求和文件必须有专业测量师, 注册规划师以及注册工程师所认证。 经验丰富的公司联合以上相关专业技术人员, 积极的与政府跟进与密切的衔接, 这样才会达成整个工程的顺利进展与顺利准时批准。

爱捷顾问公司拥有完整的技术团队 来为您服务。我们全体员工将本着积极进取,顾客至上的原则,为您准确,准时,成功 顺利的完成您的工程