Due to the intense action by the Selangor state government to legalize the illegal factories. I-QUICK was set up 10 years ago to provide project management services to these factories that require total solutions. The company specializes in providing services to legalize industrial buildings by obtaining Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC) for the factories. It fully understands the procedures involved in the approval process and therefore is very competent to handle the applications efficiently. This setup has the relevant staff force whose experience spans from planning, civil and structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. They also have vast experience liaison with Authorities.

I-QUICK also works together with its panel of professional associates that provide in surveying services. As the progress of the stages of work leading to the approval process involves much interaction between the various consulting parties, the appointment of a project consultancy and management company with a pool of consultants will enable it to undertake the job most efficiently.

SERVICES In legalizing of factories, I-QUICK offers in the following main categories of services: -

  • All Land matters which includes surveying, land conversion, extension of lease, amalgamation and subdivision. In addition to legalizing of factories, I-Quick also provides the one stop consultancy services to construction of new buildings.
  • Planning services
  • Preparation of all necessary plans.
  • All necessary consulting services which include building civil and structural, mechanical and electrical, infrastructure, landscape designs.
  • Leading and coordinating the full teams of consultants
  • Liaison and follow-up with the Authorities


雪兰莪洲洲政府关于最新工厂漂白计划行动通告。爱捷公司成立于8年前,我们公司专门提供针对工厂漂白计划,工厂建筑规划及工厂建筑图纸设计,土地转换及工程管理一系列的服务。我们全方面的服务以达到迅速准确及时的完成政府的审批工作。 为了准时准确的达成政府的审批工作,我们公司也配备了一个完整的工作团队其中包括: 土地测量师,规划师,建筑设计工程师,水暖电工程师,绿化工程师,全体专业图纸设计人员及连接政府审批工作的专业工作人员。为了达到工程的准确及准时性,爱捷公司同时也有与我们中国的伙伴公司达成了一致的合作意向,我们保证工厂图纸的设计达到业主及政府审批的共同要求及时间的准确性。在审批工作中我们会面对多个政府部门的不同要求及建筑商的多方面的要求。我们会积极的配合双方面去做协商研讨工做以达到工程进展的准确及成功性。


在整个地区的工厂及土地事宜的漂白计划工作中, 爱捷公司提供您以下服务分类:

  • 土地事宜中去加速解决土地问题例如: 土地转换,土地延长,土地分割,土地和拼等等。

  • 工程管理服务包括厂房图纸审批工作及新厂房的建筑项目等等。

  • 政府部门的连接协调工作